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Charisma has two nuanced meanings, the first being “gift of grace” and the other being “possessing exceptional powers or qualities”

Individual Counseling

In a safe and open conversation, we’ll explore issues and work through major events in your life, as well as everyday challenges like stress.

Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

Through counseling, your family can evolve into an engaged team of happy, trusting, participant members that enjoy living life together.

Family & Couples Counseling

Counseling For Women

Women often leave themselves out of the equation when balancing their life and we can bring you back into the circle through counseling.

Counseling for Women

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When children grow into their teen years they experience new perspectives about the world and relationships that can result in emotional confusion.


Through Child Centered Play Therapy and other modalities, your child will be participate in therapy at his or her own comfort level and pace.


The paradigm shift that happens when you return from deployment is an alteration that can leave you feeling apart from both sides of the life.

Survivors of Violence

Heal the traumatic hurt, violation, and anger that comes after survival with listening, recognition, and compassion.

Addiction & Substance Abuse

In addiction and substance abuse counseling we will transform good intention into action and look for ways to handle obstacles.


EMDR uses physical movements to reduce anxious or disturbing thoughts in people suffering from trauma , such as PTSD.


Denver counselors


At Charismatic Counseling and Wellness, you are encouraged to treat yourself with grace, recognize your unique qualities, and develop those qualities into exceptional personal power.

In a judgment-free space, we will seek out what moves you, and explore what holds you back so that we can then plan collaboratively to help you create your ideal existence.

Counseling isn’t about sitting on a couch and spewing your life story to an expressionless mannequin. It’s a dynamic, shared conversation between two people seeking to find a comfortable way in which you can begin to create a new and better approach to living.

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